Winter Weather

Dear Tenants,  

In preparation for the upcoming Winter Weather, we recommend all tenants take the following precautions:  

  • If you leave for vacation, leave your Heat ON, set to 55 degrees or on the lowest setting. This will help to keep water pipes from freezing. Please DO NOT turn the Heat OFF.
  • During weather at or below freezing temperatures, leave all your water faucets dripping water slowly. This will also help to prevent water pipes from freezing if the Electricity turns off or your Heat stops working while you are away.  
  • Lock all Doors and Windows. Leave a light switched on so it appears someone is home.  
  • Talk with your Insurance Agent about Renter’s Insurance.  
  • Make arrangements for your Rent Payments if you will be away on the 1st – 5th day of the month. Ask the office about setting up for Automatic Payments, with no extra fees!  

Also, please keep in mind that Sweetser Properties does not clear snow and ice from the parking lots, sidewalks, or stairs.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office.  

(479) 442-4594